At Architectural Materials, we firmly believe that proper installation is the key to receiving reliable performance from the products being installed.

AMI has experience with any size project, from replacing a single door to installation of a new construction project.  We install exterior and interior openings of every shape and size including hollow metal, wood and specialty doors and frames.  Our installers have experience installing all types of hardware, from trim or accessory to concealed vertical rod panic devices and electromagnetic locks.

We have completed large and small projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our quality starts with the products that are selected by our customer working with our educated project managers. But equally as important are the well trained service and installation technicians.  These men and women truly take the best products and adapt them to your project with professionalism and pride. Our service staff is trained in a wide variety of products with high level certifications across all product lines.  We have done installation on projects with over 4000 openings and projects that are as small as the installation of a single door closer on your local pizza shop. Our staff is well versed in working on military installations, SCIF rooms, schools, hospitals, tenant spaces, construction sites, and retail.  We take pride in our ability to retrofit new materials in your existing opening, total removal of existing and new installation or starting with a newly framed application.

In addition to our total opening product installation we also install custom and miscellaneous metal fabricated products. We have installed everything from bike parking bollards, gas bottle storage racks, and basketball backboard supports to expansion covers for floating floors, corner and wall protection, window guards and prison equipment.  With our diverse product offering, our ability to adapt with different installation conditions and make a quality installation is done with pride.

Our certified technicians know how to install your opening in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  On top of that, our installers are the trustworthy professionals you would expect when they arrive to your project promptly. 

We ensure you will be completely satisfied with all aspects of our service. We stake our reputation on every door we install.