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“I’ve worked for a few corporate giants throughout my career and truthfully, a piece of my ‘professional puzzle’ always felt missing.  Joining AMI has truly been a career game changer for me.  You’re not just an employee, number, or name on a badge.  This is a family owned and operated business.  You feel the pride, dedication, compassion and most of all, the heart, that radiates from the Moran family the very moment you meet one of them.  Upon interviewing, I could feel the energy and excitement of AMI! From what the company already accomplished, to the vision for future growth; I knew then that I’d found my people! The learning opportunities that I’ve been afforded here have given me such a tremendous sense of purpose and accomplishment.  I’ve come to realize that the two elements I was missing from my career are – that feeling of belonging to something great and knowing you are sincerely valued for your contributions.  I’m grateful to have found both of those keys to my career success at AMI!” – Karen Adams

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